Online Terpstra Keyboard

Online Terpstra Keyboard




  • Added Color Layout Feature

    Enter any hex color code or color name for each note in your tuning

  • Added Spectrum Colors Feature

    Now you have the ability to set the starting color for your fundamental.  The colors of the spectrum will follow in succession.

(Thanks Bo Constantinsen for the following updates)


  • Added quick links drop down
  • Added Organ and Organ + Leslie Instrument Samples


1 thought on “Online Terpstra Keyboard”

  1. Johannes K. Drinda

    Good news! – It took me a lifetime (now with almost 79) I made it all happen:
    As you know, it was always my ambition to create an easy to learn and play accordion style musical instrument. – Finally, step by step I built the DIY components for it:
    1) I converted a 120-button accordion bass to Midi.
    2) From 3 PC plates I created a 6×6 JANKO keyboard
    3) I created a WYSIWYG notation for it (similar to Klavar notation).
    It can’t get any easier (!!) and to make it sound like a real accordion I got myself the latest XXL MASTER ACCORDION from V3 sound modules, pairing it with an equally excellent MidiToolEx software and voilà, now I’m enjoying the sound of 206 top accordions at a fraction of Roland Midi accordion’s costs.
    In case anyone of you would like to have some more details, please feel free to contact me.
    To accelerate the notation conversion process I would need to find a programmer for it.

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